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Pool Tile Dr., LLC utilizes a state-of-the-art blasting technology that safely removes scale, calcium, algae and gunk on your pool tile, pebble tec, rock, stone, and brick. Unlike other companies that utilize high-pressure (high PSI) air and water, coupled with non-eco-friendly media (glass beads and soda) and/or dangerous chemicals (acids) to clean your surface, Pool Tile Dr., LLC uses a low pressure (low PSI) air only, combined with an eco-friendly media (salt) that will not harm or damage the surface we are cleaning. Additionally, the blasting media we use is pH-neutral and will not alter or affect your swimming pools chemistry when we are finished with our cleaning process.


We begin the cleaning process by lowering the pool water level approximately 6-8 inches with our commercial grade water pump which will allow us to gain full access to the scale and calcium buildup around the rim of your pool. Next, we utilize our state-of-the-art blasting technology to safely remove the scale and calcium buildup on the pool tile or pebble tec. Once the scale and calcium has been removed, we use our custom fabricated portable vacuum system to vacuum the excess eco-friendly media that will have dropped to the bottom of your pool. Whatever eco-friendly media that is left behind will dissolve and will be safely removed by your pool cleaning system. Lastly, we clean the surrounding areas of the pool with water. In the end you are left with pool tile that looks as good as the day your pool was built. You will find the entire process to be safe, quick and inexpensive when weighing out the alternatives.


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Why Our Technique is the Best

  • pool tile dr icon image NO damage to tile
  • pool tile dr image icon NO damage to pumps or sweepers
  • pool tile dr image icon NO glass beads on pool decks
  • pool tile dr image icon NO harsh chemicals
  • pool tile dr image icon NO inhalation danger
  • pool tile dr image icon NO change to pool pH
  • pool tile dr image icon NO draining of pool