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Terms and Conditions

The method utilized to remove the scale and calcium from the surface being cleaned is air combined with a mineral blasting media. It is the most effective cleaning method and much like other cleaning methods, when you use an abrasive to clean a hard surface, there is always a chance for damage or slight wear to the surface. Depending on the age of the surface, the methods previously used, how many times the surface has been cleaned prior and the thickness of the scale and calcium build up, the cleaning effects will vary. Pool Tile Dr., LLC cannot and will not be held responsible for any surface with a dull glazed appearance or any other kind of discoloration or shadowing that may remain after the cleaning process is complete. Pool Tile Dr., LLC reserves the right to not proceed with the cleaning process on a surface that it does not deem acceptable to safely clean. By providing Pool Tile Dr., LLC your authorization to do the work, you accept these Terms and Conditions listed above.